Our practice strives to provide the most current, safest dental care without using unneccesary marketing or products.  My responsibility is to evaluate all new technology and incorporate new products that will enhance the quality of your dental experience in some way.  We use traditional, modern techniques and products without adding "flashy" electronic "laser" products which might add to the costs, but not necessarily the quality.  Our goal is to provide our patients with the very best dental care period.  Simple, affordable, comfortable......dental care without the expensive  "gimmicks". 

The thing that sets our dental practice apart from most others is the uniquely friendly, cheerful atmosphere.  We like to get to know our patients.  All dental offices can perform quality dentistry of all types, but can they make you feel comfortable and like an old friend?  I believe that being given the opportunity to become a friend to my patients is a bonus.  Our practice is NOT based on simply running as many people in-and-out as possible.  We schedule ample time with each patient in order to have the opportunity to never be "rushed" or in a hurry.  It is especially important to us to be prompt and on-time with your appointment.  We open at 7 am and offer "lunch hour" appointments for your convenience.  Your time is valuable and it should be treated that way. 

Having fun while visiting the dentist shouldn't be rare, ......it should be the rule.   Take a look around our Facebook page.  We spend time volunteering in our community, traveling, having fun with our family and friends, attending local events and traveling.
Ellen Turney, D.D.S.
"Providing Quality Dental Care To The Conway Area"