New Patients
Ellen Turney, D.D.S.
"Providing Quality Dental Care to the Conway Area"
It is very important that we are made aware of certain aspects of your medical history.  The following American Heart Association Website should be reviewed before you have your initial visit to our office.  If you have, or have had any of the listed conditions, please be aware that there may be a need to premedicate you with antibiotics before you receive dental treatment of any kind.  This is solely a precaution for your own health protection.  Please click the following link for more info about the need for premedication.
If you have any of the listed conditions please call our office at least 48 hours prior to your visit.  This will ensure that we do not inconvenience you by unnecessarily having
to reschedule your visit.
Welcome to our practice.  Our goal is to provide the best, safest dental care available to all our patients.   In order that we be able to do so, we simply ask that you help us to be aware of any conditions that might affect your treatment.  Maintaining your dental health is just one aspect of maintaining your overall health, and the two are closely connected.  Please assist us in being able to provide the utmost in safe, high quality dental care for you and your family.

Your initial visit may consist of a wide variety of services.  These services may be discussed and determined before your actual visit, or may be decided upon at the time of your visit.  This will be dependent upon the nature of your appointment.  For example, will it be a complete check-up, or an evaluation of a specific problem?  You have control of the nature of the visit and we will advise you about the services required.