Tooth Whitening
Ellen Turney, D.D.S.
"Providing Quality Dental Care to the Conway Area"
There are literally hundreds of products available that claim to "whiten" your teeth.  Some of these are found on television infommercials, some at your local department store, others at your dentist's office.  Each has its' place, and each could possibly be effective in certain cases.  However, after having done extensive research on this subject, I have come to the following conclusion about which product and system to use in my office.  This decision is based on effectiveness, ease of patient use, comfort, and cost.

We use "Opalescence Go Pre-Loaded Whitening Trays".  This product was found to have one of the highest ratings of all tooth bleaching systems currently available*.  This system utilizes "take home" mouth trays which are to be worn only one hour per day.  Our patients find this system easy to use, pleasantly flavored, and highly effective. 

*Clinical Research Associates listed Opalescence Go as one of it's highest rated, most effective bleaching products in todays' market.
Many people ask us questions about the "Laser Bleaching" or bleaching systems that utilize a "bright light" in the doctor's office.  A recent study tested several of the current "lighted" in-office bleaching systems.  The study concluded that these sytems did in fact work, BUT they worked equally well with or WITHOUT the use of the light/laser.  The research conclusion stated, "Most lights provide marketing opportunity & may impress patients, but add cost, occupy operatory space, can cause soft tissue burning, & can increase  operatory temperature.
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